1. Bring back the land to the rightful owners.
2. Bring back dignity to our communities
3. To eradicate poverty
4. To improve our education system
5. To improve our health system
6. Our mission is to protect our women and children against abuse and violence


Our vision to make sure that the land is returned to the rightful owners without compensation. Without the land our communities do not have the dignity that they deserve. The issue is about land and dignity


Bring back the land and dignity of the natives of South Africans and masses their generations to come.

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We are sarko.

Understanding what our people want. And furthermore Delivering.  

Our Constitution.


Our Values


To provide security to our communities, from food security to housing, jobs, property security including security for their own lives. South Africa has become a very unsafe place to live in. Protect women and children against violence by increasing the outreach programs and enforcing law Our mission is to change the status quo.


Introducing health career at a school level and providing incentives for the health career. Improve collapsing health-care system by encouraging and attracting young professionals to enter the sector. Access to the best health care to majority of the people.


The organisation will have skills development workshops such as gardening, sewing, and carpentry. It will also have spiritual and cultural workshops to promote and protect our religious, cultural values and language. Upgrade the education system and provide free education.

Land Reclaim

Poverty alleviation through land redistribution. To make sure that our mineral resources benefit our communities. Our mission is to make sure that our communities live off their land. Their land must benefit them be it agricultural land or mining land. The benefits must go directly to the communities living in those areas. Safeguard the mineral resources of the country.